A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

UPDATE: We're making Arclight free on May 5th 2017

You are the contestant Pod Pilot, armed with only your wits and your composure.


In the Arclight Arena, you fend off Glass Drones and other Player Pilots by swiping and slashing them away in glorious 4-way Sabre clashing combat! Fight through a multitude of Arena layouts in Competitive, Duel and Single Player Game Modes with fully customizable Rule Sets and full controller support.

Featuring delicious 'leighties' tunes from Indie scene stars Shirobon, MegaNeko and Jim Loh, Arclight Cascade brings the full Arcade experience to your Party/Living room/Dorm/Office meeting that totally ain't rad enough.

Find us on twitter at @Hexdragonal for update news and to let us know what you think. The game is also available on the steam marketplace, purchasing it here will grant you a key for there as well.

Install instructions

Simply unzip and run the Arclight Cascade.exe executable.

There are two graphical settings, Anti-aliased and un-antialiased; if your system is having some trouble running the game try un-antialised mode!


Arclight Cascade Windows 1.2.0.zip 165 MB
Arclight Cascade Mac 1.2.0.zip 149 MB